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Box of Cool


Product Description

With your Box of Cool we will hope to surprise, delight, and excite you with what you receive! Our curators will create your box based on your preferences, and if you share your social media profiles we will follow you to get an even better sense of your idea of cool! In each box you will receive at least one Colorado Made product in addition to at least one vintage item picked JUST FOR YOU. Begin by choosing the box size you like, then answer the questions below to let us know your preferences. If you want the most customized boxes possible, share your social profiles with us. We will never use your social media information to market to you. We hate companies that abuse your trust, and we would rather close our doors than sell you out. After you order, we will curate items based on your selections and then send out your box the next week! This gives us time each month to hunt and curate something special for you rather than giving you something we have on hand. This will be personalized cool!!!

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